Case avellino Member And Associates Of The Lucchese Crime Family Plead Guilty To Extortion Conspiracy. Member Carmine Avellino and Associates Daniel and “As this case.

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After entering his plea of guilty but prior to being sentenced, Avellino moved under Fed. The case avellino court denied the motion principally on the ground that the evidence was not material. On appeal, Avellino challenges the denial of his motion. Finding no basis for reversal, we affirm. Avellino was one of eight alleged members or associates of case avellino Luchese Crime Family of La Cosa Nostra who were indicted in by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of New York and charged with numerous offenses, including racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, and murder.

Avellino, charged with eight offenses, initially pleaded not guilty on all counts. The pretrial discovery process began in early The events during that process are case avellino substantially in dispute. In discovery, the government disclosed that the main witness against Avellino would be Alphonso D'Arco, former acting boss click at this page the Luchese Family.

D'Arco had entered into a cooperation agreement with the government inpursuant to which he pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy and agreed to cooperate with the government.

In return, Case avellino and 10 of his relatives or in-laws were accepted into case avellino federal witness protection program and given certain immunities from prosecution, and the government agreed, inter alia, not to seek a sentence for D'Arco of more than 20 case avellino. By the time Avellino was indicted, D'Arco case avellino testified at several trials and before at least one grand jury.

The disclosed materials implicated D'Arco in, inter alia, numerous murders, attempted murders, and conspiracies to commit murder, as well as extortion, loansharking, arson, hijacking, counterfeiting, mail and wire fraud, narcotics trafficking, and obstruction of justice. D'Arco had twice been convicted and served terms in prison, once case avellino connection with a scheme involving stolen stock certificates, and once for possession source, and conspiracy to distribute, heroin.

These materials also revealed, inter alia, that although D'Arco admitted having engaged in drug-related activity for more than a decade prior to his narcotics conviction, and had admitted at his plea hearing to running the day-to-day activities of the Luchese Crime Family, one of which was the distribution of drugs Plea Hearing Transcript, United States v. For example, D'Arco testified in United States v. May 26,and United States v. October 6,he testified that when he engaged in selling drugs, he was not a member of the Luchese family.

The materials given to Avellino by the case avellino apparently contained no information directly contradicting D'Arco's denials of personal involvement in selling drugs after he joined the Luchese Crime Family.

In Februarypursuant to Brady v. By letter to defense counsel dated April 3,click government responded that it was unaware of any such evidence. In case avellino July 21, letter from his attorney Brian D. Avellino's letter requested any evidence tending to substantiate the statements quoted in the article.

In Mayafter several months of case avellino among case avellino government and the defendants, Avellino entered into a plea agreement with the government, pursuant to which he agreed to plead guilty to one substantive RICO count, and the government agreed to drop the remaining charges.

Pursuant to his plea agreement, Avellino pleaded guilty on Case avellino 29, Sentencing was set for October. By motion dated September 30,Avellino moved pursuant to Fed. The basis stated for the motion was that after Avellino entered his guilty plea, case avellino counsel had obtained a document indicating that the government had been aware of, but had failed to disclose, information concerning D'Arco's involvement in narcotics transactions in the period The State investigation had also led to the issuance, and two extensions, of a warrant authorizing interception of communications in case avellino certain automobile between D'Arco and another, relating to the same narcotics offenses mentioned in the Prince Street warrant.

After obtaining materials referred to in the McGillycuddy Affirmation, click here counsel also eventually pointed to several instances in which experienced State investigators had opined that the observed conduct of D'Arco indicated that case avellino had been engaged in discussing, negotiating the sale of, transferring, and taste-testing, narcotics.

In an undated declaration, Avellino stated that he would not have pleaded guilty had he known of the State evidence indicating that D'Arco was involved in narcotics activity afterfor that evidence could have established case avellino Avellino's trial that D'Arco had deliberately lied to the government and to other juries.

The government opposed Avellino's motion, submitting affidavits from Orenstein, who had been lead prosecutor in this case from through Septemberand Stephen D. Kelly, who had been assigned to the case since September Orenstein stated that he had not been aware of the McGillycuddy Affirmation, or of the State investigation referred to in that affirmation, prior to September Kelly likewise stated case avellino until Septemberhe had not seen the McGillycuddy Affirmation or the materials it discussed, and he had not been article source of the State investigation.

Following the submission of Avellino's motion to withdraw his plea, Kelly had obtained and reviewed copies of the State materials. He also spoke to AUSAs in the Case avellino and Eastern Districts to determine when, respectively, the materials had come into their possession.

In addition, Kelly learned that inplease click for source Southern District had been conducting an investigation of Cuomo, and the Eastern District had been contemplating such an investigation.

As a result, the state materials were not reviewed by any Eastern District AUSA at that time, and the state materials remained unopened in the files of an Case avellino District AUSA until Avellino filed his motion to withdraw his plea in this case. The government also proffered non-narcotics-related explanations for each of the actions of D'Arco observed by the State investigators and characterized by those investigators as indicative of narcotics activity.

Observing that the Brady v. Maryland disclosure obligation encompasses only evidence that is material, the court held that the previously undisclosed State evidence did not meet that standard. Thus, in light of the evidence already produced, case avellino State case avellino would have been cumulative.

The court also found that if the plea were withdrawn there case avellino likely case avellino significant prejudice to the government because it would be required to prepare case avellino a case avellino trial after an eight-month hiatus and because the pleas entered by the case avellino who had participated in the global settlement might well be affected.

On appeal, Avellino contends that the government was constructively aware of the State evidence, that that evidence was material because it provided strong ammunition for impeachment of D'Arco, and that the government's failure to disclose that evidence thus violated its obligations under Brady v.

Maryland, thereby entitling Avellino to withdraw his plea. Although Avellino raises interesting questions with regard to the possible imputation of knowledge to the prosecution as case avellino article source nature of the State evidence, we ultimately reject his claim because we agree with the district court that the undisclosed evidence was not material.

To the extent that case avellino prosecutor knows casino live veracruz material evidence best online casino online to the defendant in a criminal prosecution, the government has a due process obligation to disclose that evidence to the defendant.

United States, U. The government's obligation to make such disclosures is pertinent not only to an accused's preparation for trial but also to his determination of whether or not to plead guilty. The defendant is case avellino to make that decision with full awareness of favorable material evidence known to the government. Although a guilty plea is generally considered valid so long as the plea was intelligent and voluntary, see, e.

Impermissible conduct includes Brady violations. The Brady obligation extends only to case avellino evidence see Part Неверии tulalip casino restaurants Можно. Thus, in United States v.

In United States v. In the present case, Avellino argues that the government should be charged with constructive knowledge of the evidence gathered here the State investigation prior to the government's plea agreement with Avellino, in part because that evidence was case avellino in the office of an AUSA in the very district in which Avellino's case was contemporaneously being prosecuted.

Thus, Avellino argues that the pertinent Eastern District prosecutors had reason to know case avellino the unopened boxes of State materials contained information with case avellino to the narcotics investigation of which D'Arco was a target.

Avellino's arguments raise a number of troublesome questions. Case avellino district court, because of its conclusions that the undisclosed information was not material and that case avellino of the plea would likely cause the government significant prejudice, did not reach the question of the AUSAs' knowledge, actual or constructive.

Were this Court in disagreement with the district court's assessment case avellino materiality, we would likely remand for further proceedings to explore those questions. However, since we conclude, for the reasons stated in the sections that follow, that the undisclosed information does not meet the test for Brady materiality, we see no need to reach the questions of actual or constructive knowledge, and, accordingly, no need for a remand.

See also United States v. In general, evidence whose function is impeachment may be considered to be material where the case avellino in question supplied the only evidence linking the defendant to the crime. Similarly, impeaching matter may be found material where the witness supplied the only evidence of an essential element of the offense.

This is especially true where the undisclosed matter would have provided the only significant basis for impeachment. For example, where the undisclosed evidence merely furnishes an additional basis on which to challenge a witness whose credibility has already been shown to be questionable or who is subject to extensive attack by reason of other evidence, the undisclosed evidence may be cumulative, and hence not material. The other undisclosed Brady information at issue in Gambino was a letter from one Pasquale Conte case avellino Gravano in narcotics trafficking.

Defense counsel argued that the letter could have been used to show that Gravano had perjuriously denied such trafficking when testifying at case avellino trials and that the jury thus should not credit his testimony in the Gambino trial. We found the letter not to be material in the constitutional sense:. In the instant case the Conte letter-not turned over to defense counsel-contradicted statements regarding the drug business to which Gravano had testified in other trials.

Even assuming Gravano case avellino himself and assuming perjury in other trials would be relevant to Gravano's testimony in this trial, we do not believe the Conte letter material in the constitutional sense. Had defense counsel had access to the letter, we do not believe it would likely have affected the outcome of the trial, or, in other words, that with the letter in evidence Gravano's credibility would have been so diminished that Gambino would not have been case avellino. That test has not been met.

Proof before the jury that this witness was involved case avellino an abortive conspiracy to import heroin case avellino that he violated the policies of his own organization would scarcely have rendered his gloomy past worse.

Case avellino also Orena, 32 F. In Locascio, Gravano likewise testified to his commission of numerous crimes, including 19 murders. The Brady claim was based on newly-disclosed evidence that Gravano had been responsible for three additional murders. We concluded that no new trial case avellino warranted because. Gravano had already confessed to numerous crimes, including murders, and was subject to withering cross examination for those actions. The addition of a few more allegations would not have materially affected the defense's cross examination of him.

Thus, the Gravano cases teach that where there has been disclosure of an abundance of evidence of a witness's long history of brutality, rapacity, and mendacity, the belatedly disclosed evidence suggesting that the witness perjured himself by concealing additional crimes may be immaterial, whether that perjury occurred in the trial at issue on the appeal, as in Locascio, or case avellino other trials, as hypothesized in Gambino. In case avellino present case, as in Gambino, Case avellino argues that the undisclosed evidence would have permitted him to show that the government's key witness had perjured himself as a government witness at other trials.

Here, as in all of the Gravano cases, however, the government had disclosed that the witness had an atrocious criminal record. Amuso, CR, Trial Learn more here p. Giattino, CR, Trial Transcript p. At the prior trials he acknowledged that he twice had been convicted of crimes and had served prison terms, once for a read article involving case avellino stock certificates and once for possession of, and conspiracy to distribute, heroin.

There was thus a wealth of disclosed evidence with which D'Arco could have been impeached. Further, we are unpersuaded by Avellino's argument that the State was material on the theory that its existence would reveal that D'Arco had a strong motive to testify favorably to the government, i.

Avellino has provided no basis for suggesting that the government threatened to withdraw from D'Arco's plea agreement. A defense argument that D'Arco was biased in favor of the government could, however, easily have been developed from the terms of the plea agreement itself, through cross-examination of D'Arco with respect to the significant benefits he had received and hoped to receive pursuant to that case avellino. For example, by cooperating with the government, Case avellino had learn more here for 10 of his relatives in-laws, including his son who was also a member of the Luchese Crime Family, immunity from prosecution for various crimes.

Further, the sentence D'Arco case avellino was to receive, despite his leadership of a La Cosa Nostra organized crime family and his array of acknowledged offenses, was quite favorable. In Locascio, for example, the boss and second-in-command of a different La Cosa Nostra organized crime family were convicted of RICO, illegal gambling, obstruction of justice, conspiracies to commit extortion and murder, and murder, i.

At his own plea hearing, D'Arco acknowledged that even on the lone RICO offense to which he was pleading guilty, the court could sentence him to life case avellino prison. If, case avellino, the government was satisfied with D'Arco's cooperation, his plea agreement guaranteed that the government would not seek a prison term of more than 20 years and that it would move for a downward departure.

Так online casino 0900 подкатила of any other evidence, D'Arco's powerful interest in satisfying the government with his assistance could easily have been brought home to the jury through the terms of his cooperation agreement.

But we agree with the district court's conclusions that there is no reasonable probability that additional information permitting an inference that D'Arco visit web page committed perjury at past trials, by testifying that he had case avellino up narcotics trafficking in order to join an organized crime family, would have changed the jurors' minds, and hence no reasonable probability that possession of such additional information would have led Avellino to elect to plead not guilty and case avellino proceed to trial.

Notwithstanding the traditional Brady framework, Avellino argues that dishonesty by a party to a cooperation agreement during the period of cooperation must be considered material in light of this Court's agreement with the government's own view of such acts:.

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