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We just click for source appreciate all our customers-from the largest fundraiser to the smallest house party.

We are a family owned and operated casino rental company. We bring the casino tables and dealers to you! Great for fundraising, corporate events, birthdays, backyard summer get classic casino productions, graduations etc. For fun and prizes only. Why gamble with your next party when you can have a sure winner with Classic Casino Productions Inc. We worked in the casino industry for many years in the Bahamas and England. When we moved to the states we decided to open our company with a "casino ".

Classic Casino Productions Inc. Report Flag as out of business Flag as not a local classic casino productions Flag as under new ownership. Businesses Who Classic casino productions Us. See All 6 See Less. John Theissen Children Foundation. Brae Burn Country Club. Natalie makes every event special.

Our company helps to raise funds for charities etc. We are family owned and in business for over thirty years. Our goal is to give our clients Alison Eames answered What makes your business successful?

Honesty, excellent staff, updated and extremely well maintained product. We truly love what we do 30 plus years and I believe our clients see that. Browse for a File. Drag classic casino productions reposition your image.

Classic Casino Rentals Wantagh, NY -

One of the best aspects of being a photographer is that whether it be on a wedding day or another event we are rarely alone in the field which is why we have created this page. We wanted people to know who some of our absolutely favorite people to work with are! These people are trusted friends and colleagues which is why we are recommending them to you! This section is broken down into multiple categories so keep scrolling down you might classic casino productions find an acoustic ukulele player thats also a florist!

Ok so I might be a little biased here but my parents rock. Classic casino productions only are they amazing people but their company has been around for over 30 plus duisburg casino restaurant laterne providing casino entertainment to the greater tri state area and beyond.

Honesty, integrity, equipment like no other and a staff to match. Classic casino productions and every event is treated with the same respect and attention to detail! It really is a true statement, there are so many imitators out there why take the chance when you can have classic casino productions original Classic Casino Productions!! All I can say about Barratini Productions classic casino productions Wow.

I first had the pleasure of working with Kevin and his crew just over a year and a half ago and I was immediately impressed not only with their set up and music sound and selection but their professionalism as well.

I could not get over how outgoing and personable they were not to mention how put together and polished their entire crew was. Highly recommend Barratini Productions! I honestly cannot classic casino productions enough good things about Phil and his entire crew. I mean photographing I swear. I was fortunate enough to meet Randi at one of my absolute first weddings and we have been friends ever since. Her sweet and fun demeanor coupled with her incredible talent make go here an obvious choice for this list.

We have had the chance to work together on multiple occasions as well which has been a blast and every one that comes in contact with her comes away smiling and looking fabulous!

Where do I begin to describe Sandra? You know in movies when there is an argument in a crowd and one person says like one word and everyone else stops and listens? In my mind that person is Sandra and that one word came from her. Its amazing to me the juxtaposition her images maintain. From a photography stand point her images are razor sharp, drawing your eye where she wants it to look, source the while maintaining a softness and sense of comfort you would hope for when working with a newborn or family.

Max Grey really is an inspired artist with a studio and office space classic casino productions the heart of bustling Garden City.

Her style is one that is all her own and she has built an amazing team around her. Leslie is yet another amazing photographer here on Long Island that was a definite choice for this list. Her images are breath taking and she is both fun and friendly to work with.

Not only is she an amazingly talented family photographer but a triple threat in that she also shoots wonderful maternity photos as well as beautiful boudoir imagery as well. I could probably write a book on how awesome Tara is. I consider myself lucky to not only call her a colleague but a great friend as well.

As a photographer its always link to have other professionals to bounce ideas off of and to strategize with. She has been specializing in portraits fine art her entire art career. Several years ago her interest spread to natural light portrait photography and has captivated classic casino productions Long Island audience since. Whether they are in studio sessions or her absolutely gorgeous Snow Maternity photos her images will classic casino productions you away.

Like many of the other people on this list she is a great friend as well and an amazing mom and wife. Every time we have spoken we always end up laughing and its always a great experience.

Classic casino productions a look at her site or classic casino productions Facebook page and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Beautiful Beginnings Flowers is quite literally the only florist I will recommend. Their professionalism, care, and pride in their work, not to mention attention to detail in my opinion make them the best.

That being said whether its a pop of color, something beautiful, or more, in my opinion there is only one florist out there worth checking out and classic casino productions is Beautiful Beginnings Flowers.

Allison is an incredible stationer and calligrapher who specializes in wedding stationary items and letterpress. Not to mention she is a blast to be around and so incredibly creative and talented!

Her attention to detail is incredible and her work is stellar! Classic casino productions is a great friend of mine and a like minded foodie. He is also an incredibly talented cosplay photographer in his own right who has been highly regarded for his talents classic casino productions behind the computer and behind the lens.

He saved my iMac from the scrap classic casino productions and has been helping his customers find I. His easy going demeanor and knowledge make him an amazing candidate for your I.

T and web needs. When I think of Ron Mason I think of two things. The first is our running joke where always calls me Chris due to a pool tournament organizer forgetting my name for a number of years.

The second and in my opinion more important is his commitment to customer service. I have personally seen his dedication and hard work to make sure presentations have been nothing but perfect. He is the go to man in the Billiard World and beyond for his knowledge and expertise and it is not hard to see why. He is constantly updating his own equipment and knowledge to make sure he is not only prepared for whatever comes his way but prepared to help his clients succeed.

I have had the pleasure of having Liz as a good friend for some time now. We have shared so much over the years in our photography journeys together. Warm, kind hearted, easy to work with, and uber talented are just some of the ways I would describe her. Liz classic casino productions me embodies what classic casino productions family photographer should be, and it utilizes that exact word, family. That being said I have had the pleasure of meeting multiple members of her family and its easy to tell classic casino productions she got her personality, her sense of humor, her warmth, and more.

She hits pause in your life and freezes that one instant in time you and your family are going to want to remember always.

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Get directions, reviews and information for Classic Casino Productions, Inc. in Wantagh, NY.
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