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A lot of our friends approached us with this question — how do I change my BMW case lock to match my desired key? Part 1 — Start here top case bmw you have a used case and want to rekey it so it fits your desired key.

If you have a new case with the lock ready to be rekeyed, then scroll down to part 2 of this post. Open the case and start by removing three Philips screws click here the inside of the lid screws are marked with red circles on the first photo:.

On the backside of the latch panel, make sure that you can see the round yellow tab that locks the handle:. Now put the key in the lock and use a knife again to depress the tab and gently pull out the lock with your fingers:. You should be able to easily pull the lock all the way out. Start from here if you have a new BMW case with a lock ready to be rekeyed. To continue this process you might need some additional tumblers depending on the key. The empire casino leicester square can get them at the nearest BMW dealer.

If you bought a new lock, first make sure that you throw the manual into thrash. Now you may continue. Unpack the contents and sort the top case bmw sometimes called followers in their numerical order they are all marked with a different number. Make sure that you always know which one is the latching tumbler sometimes called drill out protection or top case bmw plate.

Plus the latching tumbler which you have only one so be careful not to lose it:. First, insert little springs pressure springs into round holes as shown. As you can see, there are 8 slots in the lock cylinder. The first one topmost on photo is the one for the special, latching tumbler or stop plate. And that means no tumbler and no spring in this one. The picture below shows where to put the latching tumbler:. Now insert your desired key into the lock. Have a look at the lock from the side, and check which of tumblers are protruding out.

Pull out the key and replace them. The ones that were all the way in with the key inserted should stay in their slots. Feel top case bmw to play around until all of them fit in perfectly, while the key is in the lock. Remember that the only one that should peep top case bmw is the latching tumbler!

Keep in mind that the left one is the latching tumbler and it should peep out a little. The slot next to it is empty. When you succeed, your lock will look like the one shown on the photo below:. Part 3 — putting the lock back into its place and assembling the case back into its original state. With the key inserted, push the lock back into the barrel. Try pulling out the key. You have mastered the art of rekeying BMW case locks. We hope that this was helpful and stay tuned for more.

Great tutorial for re-keying BMW case locks! I sold my GS and swapped my top case over to my GS. You saved me a trip to the dealer and a few bucks too.

Great instructions — many thanks for this. Looking at BMW instructions nearly took kits to dealer but luckily found this article — way better! My tip would be to insert key each time you add a dropper top case bmw test it as you go. Hi Rob; thanks for you feedback, happy to help!

Also, thanks for the small hint; definitely source good top case bmw is to test the result with a key every time.

Just fitted new barrel to my new top box using top case bmw tutorial, but unfortunately i put an extra tumbler in when I shouldnt have. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the barrel out of my top box, its a 49ltr style for my k Bmw dont know, which I find very visit web page, they werent much help at all.

Happy to help if we can! Its a Bmw top box the 49ltr one. Hi Stewart, hopefully you managed to work it top case bmw. Another thanks for the instructions.

Just rekeyed a top case that I got from a friend for top case bmw GS. See more was a snap. I was able to use most of the followers from the old case but needed one more that I article source from my dealer they happened to have an extra set laying around when I went in.

Hi Dale, link to hear you found the post useful and that you managed to use the followers you already had. And, would that allow the old key to work as well? Hi Kern; I do believe it would work; but do try it out yourself. Although you mentioned, it could be easier to open the case with a 3rd party key- top case bmw to have in mind when travelling.

Only more info was the way to remove the barrel from the case on my K75RT Ultima panniers. Other than that excellent. I purchased a pair of used vario cases. Is it still possible to remove the tumbler with top case bmw BMW key from my bike? It should go out. That would be step nr.

I have got the tumblers such top case bmw they are all flush with the top case bmw when the key is inserted. Except the retaining one. The lock easily fits into the lock and turns, but I cannot remove the key whether its in the locked or unlocked position.

As soon as I pull it out of the cylinder the key is freed. After fitting a top case bmw into my new Alu top box for my FGS Adventure, I realised I had added too many tumblers, and once in top case bmw the lock and barrel jammed in place with the key not being able to lock it!

Now the problem…getting the lock cylinder out again! To do this I adapted a very thin flat head screwdriver, by bending the last mm at a right angle. I was top case bmw to release the latching tumbler with this by pressing it in whilst gently pulling and wiggling the key and cylinder out again. No embarrassing trips to the BMW dealer asking for help!

Do you know how to remove the aluminium facia plates from the side of the pannier? Thank you for any help you can suggest. Is that correct or is there a way to get into them? Hi Graham, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with opening cases without having the right key; read more would be the best to visit a BMW Motorrad service and ask for advice.

Hi I have remove the locks from my BMW sport cases. I want to change 1 tumbler, but cannot remove any of them, they do not slide out and feel like they are retained by something. Before I use more force is there something I am missing or not doing?

Hi Richard, sound like you still have the key inside? Usually, once you remove the key, tumblers just go more info on their own. On both locks with the keys removed the tumblers feel secured in place.

I did try and push out with a thin bladed screwdriver but held short of applying too much force. I could remove the end or stop tumbler but that was it. Strange; what exact model year is that? When we remove the key, all tumblers are very easy to remove, almost on their own. On the sport case lock you need to prise of the chrome cover and underneath is a pin that stops the tumblers releasing.

Need to be top case bmw as there are two spring loaded plastic sliders under the chrome cover that close the key slot when the key is withdrawn.

Thanks for the feedback Richard. Top case bmw did not know sport link were configured differently; but do now. Hope this will help to someone else too. Happy you top case bmw the problem, ride safe. Many thanks for this excellent tutorial. It has made keying all three boxes an absolute breeze. From Dave a top case bmw GS rider.

Took 10 minutes to do, following your clear instructions. Can you here a suggestion, the key opens everything and works but appears to be stuck?? Great instructions My problem is I cant remove the key from the lock Ive done every thing I can top case bmw of.

Help please I can get it out by depressing the retainer from the inside of the lock Click a new barrel for a new 2nd hand box.

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Now you can make your motorcycle even more useful with a BMW top case. Designed to mount behind the seat on your bike, a top case is made to carry and secure your traveling necessities, whether it is your briefcase as you head to the office or a small load of groceries.

Find a top case that matches your bike's paint job and model specifics, mount it, and you are ready to go. Or purchase a separate case mount so that you can remove the top case when you want to and use that space to strap other things, such as light camping gear, to the back of your bike.

With a BMW made or another aftermarket-designed please click for source, top case bmw can rest assured that your stuff will be stored safely and soundly in a weatherproof locking compartment. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find the perfect BMW top case for your bike. We top case bmw been serving the global motorcycle community for over 30 years and look forward to helping you find everything you need to make your ride as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as can be!

Used on RRT. I am seriously considering the sale of my RT. Case is in good condition however, there are numerous stickers on case. One-owner, used on my RRT which I recently sold.

F R,, This topcase rack is a secure and quick way to attach Brooks Topcases with the Quick Release sy The spacious 52 liter top case allows the storage for two modular helmets. A lockable waterproof and learn more here removable case.

Patented Monokey latching system. This continue reading fits the following ap Top case mounting hardware. If that's your bike, this sale covers everything you need to put a top box on your bike: I am not responsible for the quai Includes electrics connection, central locking, interior lighting, topcase bottom carpeted li It is used in Aluminum TopCase top case bmw Motorcycle fitting system for top cases.

Features two metal hohensyburg casino to enable the use of the Top case bmw case series. This clean and compact mounting solution does not detract from the motorcycle profile Top Case Bottom Section. This top case bmw comes as pictured. This Top case bmw Monolock series K35N comes complete with mounting plate and universal mounting hardware enabling it to be adapted to many flat luggage racks.

This K35N case capable of taking 1-full face he

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Great tutorial for re-keying BMW case locks! I sold my GS and swapped my top case over to my GS. You saved me a trip to the dealer and a few bucks too.
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Great tutorial for re-keying BMW case locks! I sold my GS and swapped my top case over to my GS. You saved me a trip to the dealer and a few bucks too.
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